Build Your First Storyline Course: FREE Live Online Workshop

Finding a mentor can be tough. People lead busy lives, and it’s a big responsibility to agree to help guide someone through their career.

I’ve worked with a few great organizations like Walker’s Legacy that instilled in me the power of relationships and mentorship. Since the start of my career, I can thank a couple very encouraging people who helped amplify my talent.

I am looking for ways I can pay this forward. This workshop is how I will start my ID mentorship work.

I am beta-testing a FREE live online workshop where we will build a course together. I want this to be as interactive as possible, so the chat will be open for questions and I will also critique real courses submitted by attendees.

I am opening up my first workshop to 5 people and 2 spots are taken already! If you’re interested, please fill out the form below and join us on August 15th at 8 pm CST

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In this live watch-along, you will learn how to:

- Create interactive e-learning courses

- Use animation, layers, triggers, and variables to make dynamic slides

- Insert audio and narration (including the text-to-speech option in Storyline 360)

- Recover corrupted or lost files, and more….

The workshop is free, all I ask in return is feedback on how to make it better :)